What happens when digitization not only leads to significant cost savings and process improv­ements, but also shows you the full potential of your data?
You can take any data-driven business to a new level and develop entirely new business models. This is what ifesca makes possible. Optimize your path.

What is ifesca?
A small journey.

The Internet is no longer just a website on a computer. Today the Internet on an entrepreneurial scale is primarily automated. Self-learning processes create new opportunities in every data-driven business. This internet is called the internet of things (IoT).

Ifesca offers ifesca.AIVA® and ifesca.ADAM, two software applications that use artificial intelligence to help you reach completely new levels of efficiency almost in real time. Best of all: the longer ifesca.AIVA® or ifesca.ADAM are in use, the better they get. Both applications learn faster through the analysis of big data. Be it to predict the forecast quality of your energy consumption, control and automate your production processes more efficiently, or to optimize your own business.

The possibilities are nearly unlimited. Use them. With ifesca.

In Practice

How long do you need for data analytics and forecasting? ifesca.AIVA®
is faster.
How accurate is your
forecast model?
is more precise.
How user friendly is your forecast tool and the usefulness of the results? ifesca.AIVA®
is more intuitive.

Who does ifesca.AIVA® help?

Digital energy management: powerful, efficient, automated - this is potentially a benefit for every business that operates with large amounts of data and draws knowledge from this big data pool. Three use cases are outlined here as examples.

Create accurate forecasts every quarter hour (electricity) or every hour (gas).
Energy grid network operator Ensure secure grid supply through physical grid forecasts.
Energy suppliers & sales Get accurate forecasts in two minutes, not hours.

Two ways to
convince you

You have 90 seconds?
You have 30 minutes?

We can also demonstrate AIVA live to you personally.

Let’s go into detail

ifesca.AIVA® determines the best forecast configuration for every application.
ifesca.AIVA® continuously learns from user input.
ifesca.AIVA® monitors the performance of all forecasts.
ifesca.AIVA® can be flexibly integrated into your system.
ifesca.AIVA® automatically adjusts a forecast if needed.
ifesca.AIVA® is adaptable and can be used for different applications.

ifesca also has a face.
More precisely, many faces.

The ifesca-team

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