The vision behind ifesca.AIVA®

Forecasting in a new dimension.

The energy world is in a state of flux due to digitalisation and the ongoing energy revolution. Increasingly large amounts of data must be processed quickly and reliably. This presents energy companies with great challenges.

ifesca GmbH has tasked itself with opening up new opportunities in the age of these cross-sector digitization processes using future-oriented technologies in the areas of forecasting and optimization.

For this, ifesca has developed the forecast platform ifesca.AIVA®, which offers an AI-based, intelligent forecast management that delivers the best possible forecast results automatically and in real time. Learning independently, ifesca.AIVA® continuously improves the quality of the forecast and the quality of the data in order to support energy traders, suppliers and network operators with forecasts.

Decision­making with artificial intelligence - the future for your company.

With ifesca.AIVA®, companies can plan their energy management in advance and thus increase their efficiency and significantly reduce costs. Users benefit from improved planning processes and short-term, high-quality forecasts.

ifesca.AIVA® is the perfect digital assistant that helps deliver optimal forecasts for every application automatically and in the shortest possible time.

ifesca GmbH was founded in December 2016 in llmenau Germany,  comprised  of a multidisciplinary team of experts who have many years of experience in the energy industry. The young company combines scientific expertise with innovative ideas and many years of experience in software development for the German and international energy market.

People with the vision:
one team, one goal, one AI!

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