Fast and uncomplicated support for energy management during covid 19 crisis

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Interested companies can now use ifesca's cloud services on special terms.

The Thuringian AI company ifesca offers quick and uncomplicated support for companies in the energy sector and in particular the critical infrastructures in the area of ​​energy management during  the COVID 19 crisis. The digital services for predicting energy requirements in the areas of electricity, gas, heat and water ensure that important processes that are necessary for a stable and efficient energy supply are processed on time. To support compliance with these processes in the face of current challenges, ifesca offers the complete automation of the corresponding forecasting processes in a highly available cloud environment under simplified conditions.

Interested companies can now use these ifesca cloud services on special terms. For example, ifesca does not bill costs that are usually incurred for the initial set-up of services as part of onboarding. In addition, a special tariff was set up with particularly favorable conditions, which is billed on a weekly basis and can also be canceled at the end of each week. This gives energy supply companies very flexible access to ifesca services without having to be contractually bound for the long term. The services can be used productively shortly after a technical clarification call via telephone.

About ifesca GmbH

Ifesca GmbH from Ilmenau Thuringia offers commercial software products the energy industry. The AI-based platform ifesca.AIVA focuses in particular on intelligent and automated evaluation and processing of energy data. Specially developed algorithms for predicting feed-in and feed-out in the energy system make it possible to reliably operate the increasingly complex planning processes due to the increasing amount of data and to increase the speed at which recommendations for action must be made. This enables ifesca customers to meet the requirements of digitization and use the potential gained to increase their competitiveness. ifesca already has a wide range of well-known customers.


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