What if you could create significantly more accurate forecasts with significant time savings?
You would optimize the development of your company-specific KPIs.
This is precisely what ifesca.AIVA® does.

ifesca.AIVA® - The intelligent prognosis system of the future

Data in the energy industry takes on a completely new meaning in the age of digitalisation. Legislative changes and the introduction of smart meters, smart grids and smart homes will shape the energy systems of the future.

Automation is the way.

The quick and reliable analysis of ever larger amounts of data, better known as Big Data, and its subsequent highly complex processing is the main challenge today for energy companies.

Only with the automation of the associated processes can these new tasks be handled smoothly and efficiently.

ifesca.AIVA® is the Solution.

ifesca.AIVA® has recognized this fact and developed a solution for precisely this problem: ifesca.AIVA®, a software platform based on artificial intelligence, data exchange, analysis, processing of extensive amounts of data, automatically and in real time .

On the basis of this data, forecasts are automatically created. The forecast quality is continuously and independently monitored and adjusted if necessary.

ifesca.AIVA® can

ifesca.AIVA® makes data analysis and forecasting much faster than with standard systems.

The forecast model from ifesca.AIVA® is significantly more accurate than even advanced algorithms.

ifesca.AIVA® is much more intuitive to use and interpret the results.

We can also demonstrate AIVA live to you personally.

Data Import
Data Plausibility
Value Substitution
Data Analysis
Forecast Model
Forecast Parameters
Forecast Training & Validation
Forecast Creation
Continuous Quality Monitoring
Intelligent Forecast Management
Time ExpenditureΣ = several hoursΣ = few seconds
  • Manual Process
  • Expert knowledge Required
  • Large Time Expenditure
  • Average Time Expenditure
  • Semi-Automated Process
  • Fully-Automated

Let's go into detail

ifesca.AVIA® determines the best forecast configuration for every application.
ifesca.AVIA® learns from user input.
ifesca.AVIA® monitors the execution of all forecasts.
ifesca.AVIA® can be flexibly integrated into your system.
ifesca.AVIA® automatically adjusted the forecast if needed.
ifesca.AVIA® is adaptable and applicable for many different applications.

Welcome to ifesca.FUTEC

ifesca Future Technology Center - is the name of our in-house innovation center. Here you can experience what ifesca.AIVA® can do. Real use cases can be simulated and optimized in the interactive room. The results are presented graphically and thus create an AHA experience.

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