What would you do with the time you save by making forecasts within minutes?
You could increase the efficiency of your business, and you could concentrate on your original work.
This is exactly what ifesca.AIVA® enables.

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You can take our word for it. Create your initial load forecasts with the help of our artificial intelligence in a matter of minutes - both for energy-intensive companies and for the entire load balance.

In addition to a noticeable savings in time (execution of the forecast in the shortest possible time), you will notice a significantly higher forecast quality. This enables you, among other things, an exact risk assessment of your customers. Ultimately, a reliable and fast assessment process is created that allows you to act flexibly in the market.

We can also demonstrate AIVA live to you personally.

The comparison: forecasts without and with ifesca.AIVA®

Data Import
Data Plausibility
Value Substitution
Data Analysis
Forecast Model
Forecast Parameters
Forecast Training & Validation
Forecast Creation
Continuous Quality Monitoring
Intelligent Forecast Management
Time ExpenditureΣ = several hoursΣ = few seconds
  • Manual Process
  • Expert knowledge Required
  • Large Time Expenditure
  • Average Time Expenditure
  • Semi-Automated Process
  • Fully-Automated

With ifesca.AIVA® a complete quote in the shortest possible time.

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We can also demonstrate AIVA live to you personally.

Who can ifesca.AIVA® help?

Digital energy management powerful, efficient, automated - this potentially benefits every company that deals with large amounts of data and draws conclusions from this big data pool. Three application cases are outlined here as examples.

Create accurate forecasts every quarter hour (electricity) or every hour (gas).
Guarantee secure network supply through physical network forecasts.
Can be planned precisely because operators know the heat requirements and energy expenditure.

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