What would happen, if your forecasts became a real precision job with flexibly settable metering points?
They could automatically keep entry and exit in the most accurate balance possible.
This is exactly whatifesca.AIVA® can do.

Forecast for all Commodities

This makes your portfolio precisely predictable: ifesca.AIVA® enables you to flexibly forecast and monitor each individual measuring point. Whether intra-day, day-ahead, or long-term forecast - ifesca.AIVA® offers you the optimal forecast model for every forecast horizon.

As a result, you receive both entry and exit forecasts in a very high, previously unattained forecast quality. The need for balancing energy can be significantly reduced.

This gives you an optimal basis for decision-making to deal with what makes you money, energy trading. Additionally you always have a quality overview of all forecasts.

We can also demonstrate AIVA live to you personally.

This makes the difference.

Very high forecasting quality through the use of a AI.
Significant monetary benefits by minimizing purchased balancing energy.
The best possible decision-making basis for your trading on the electricity and gas market.

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convice you.

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We can also demonstrate AIVA live to you personally.

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one team, one goal, one AI!

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