What is an energy screening?

Energy-intensive processes, as they occur in the manufacturing industry, mean high costs. Energy screening is an economic analysis of a company’s energy. The energy screening reveals whether and what improvements can be achieved through software-supported energy management in the business. It captures and thoroughly examines all relevant technical and economic aspects of a company’s energy.

The result is a detailed report on the potential savings that can be achieved with the ifesca.AIVA® energy management system in the short, medium or long term.

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  • Visualisation: What is currently happening?
  • Transparency: Why is it happening?
  • Prediction: What will happen?
  • Optimisation: How can automatic responses be made?
Warum ist energiesparendes Wirtschaften erstrebenswert

Why is energy-saving management prudent?

Companies consume an above-average amount of electricity – industry, commerce, trade and service providers account for approximately 70% of Germany’s total electricity consumption. There are several reasons for companies to operate as energy-efficiently as possible. The most obvious reason is financial – especially as rising energy prices affect operating costs. At the same time, energy-saving management is an important hallmark for sustainable companies. It stands for climate protection and future-oriented action, even in the eyes of customers. Energy savings are therefore relevant not only for sustainability but also for a company’s image.

An energy screening by ifesca shows how you can benefit from this potential.

Energy Screening von Ifesca

Image-boosting energy efficiency – thanks to ifesca’s energy screening

Sustainability is an increasingly important issue for consumers regarding both their decisions and their choice of service providers. Through responsible use of resources and a demonstrably sustainable way of working, companies of all sizes can make a good impression on customers: Those who invest in energy-saving operations and market this investment gain a competitive advantage in terms of public perception. Whether on your homepage, on social media or through other channels – make use of the competitive advantage gained from energy-saving management. An energy screening by ifesca is the ideal first step towards optimising your company’s energy management.

How does an ifesca energy screening work?

The energy screening is carried out in various steps. In the end, a comprehensive result report is created for implementing holistic energy management in your business. The extent to which the recommended measures are implemented is always at the discretion of the respective company.

  • Data collection
    In the first step, we analyse energy procurement and distribution in your company. This includes activities with grid operators and current contracts for energy procurement, such as electricity or gas. Self-generation facilities such as photovoltaic systems are also considered.
  • Data analysis
    Our experts evaluate the collected data on the conditions and energy consumption in your company, which forms the basis for our further recommendations for action.
  • Development of recommendations for action
    We formulate recommendations suited to your situation. The main focus is on economic and ecological savings potential.
  • Result report
    The result is presented in a clear report that lays out potential savings and recommendations for action.

What are the benefits of an energy screening?

An energy screening offers companies numerous advantages: not least, it identifies existing potential that lies dormant within the company. The energy screening by ifesca.AIVA® shows the extent to which energy costs in your company can be reduced – in many cases, considerable savings of up to 30% are achievable. At the same time, an overview of the company’s energy management is created, providing good support and a guide on the path to achieving sustainability goals.

Flexibly achieve your sustainability goal – with an energy screening by ifesca

An energy screening not only provides an overview of a company’s energy management, it also gives you concrete recommendations tailored specifically to your business. Existing flexibility within the company is considered and managed – so you always achieve the best possible results. The experts at ifesca want to support and accompany you on the path to sustainable management. Our energy screening is therefore suitable for all companies with high energy consumption – starting at a maximum connected load of 1 MW.

What comes after the energy screening?

After the energy screening has been successfully completed, you have the option, in a second assignment, to start implementing the identified saving measures. The hardware and software are installed, the database is built up and it is linked with the infrastructure. ifesca’s forecasting and optimisation system is configured, and the automation and time-controlled processes are set up. Optionally, energy market processes are integrated. Tests including simulation of productive operation ensure that everything works smoothly. This enables efficient energy optimisation.

Energy screening by ifesca – innovation and experience

Entrust ifesca with optimising your company’s energy. Our young company consists of an experienced team of experts, offering a strong combination of innovative approaches and years of experience in energy management and software development. Our mission is to support you in optimising operational processes through detailed analyses and innovative software solutions. Forecasting and optimisation are our specialities – the ease of use of our applications and the intuitive handling of all processes within your company always have the highest priority. 

If you have questions about our energy screening and innovative software solutions or want to know more about how we can help you achieve savings potential in your company, contact us! We look forward to your enquiry.

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