What exactly is storage management?

Storage management refers to the intelligent control and utilisation of energy storage systems in order to harmonise energy generation and consumption and save electricity costs. By using storage systems, companies can store surplus energy at times of low demand and retrieve it when required. This enables better utilisation of renewable energy sources and reduces the need to purchase expensive grid energy.


Why storage management is important for your company

An important aspect of storage management is the strategic use of energy storage for economical energy consumption. In addition to storing surpluses from in-house production, active storage management enables companies to draw energy from the grid at times of low prices, store it and consume it when needed. The intermediate storage and subsequent consumption of energy always takes place with a certain time delay, which makes it difficult to plan the use of the energy storage system in advance.

Energy storage systems can be managed effectively if all energy-related processes (energy generation and storage, production processes, other energy consumers) in the company are considered and taken into account when planning the use of the storage system. This achieves holistic energy use planning, which can have a positive effect on the company’s financial performance and at the same time minimise environmental impact.

Storage management is essential for a sustainable economy

By using storage systems, companies can also reduce their carbon footprint by storing surplus energy from renewable sources and utilising it at times when generation is low. This reduces dependence on fossil-based energy sources and helps to reduce environmental impact.

Companies that focus on active energy storage management can increase their competitiveness in the long term, as sustainability and environmental protection are increasingly important criteria for customers, business partners and investors.

Energy planning 2.0 thanks to ifesca

ifesca offers the ideal solution for companies that want to optimise their storage management. With our applications, detailed generation and consumption forecasts can be created to precisely control energy consumption. The advanced technology enables precise forecasting of energy demand based on historical data, weather forecasts and other relevant factors.

By intelligently controlling energy storage and adapting to changes in energy consumption, companies gain increased flexibility by being able to utilise their energy as and when they need it. The ability to not only store energy, but also to manage it strategically, offers them new opportunities for savings and optimised energy efficiency. With ifesca, companies have control over their energy management and can achieve their sustainability goals efficiently.

Energy storage management at the next level: This is why ifesca

If you want to digitise your company’s energy and storage management in an intelligent and efficient way, you’ve come to the right place. With many years of experience and extensive expertise, ifesca offers customised storage management solutions for companies from various sectors – from vehicle construction and logistics to the glass industry. 

With ifesca.ADAM® and ifesca.AIVA®, our interdisciplinary team of experts offers you both the right hardware and software to optimise your internal processes. You can always rely on intuitive operation and extremely precise forecasts. Sustainable energy management has never been easier and more productive! We would be happy to advise you personally on our products – contact us now.

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