What if your district heating demand could be reliably and automatically forecast?
You would have a precise outlook on the heat demand of (combined) heat and power plants, which in the end would mean reliable planning security. This is what ifesca.AIVA®can do.

Know the heat requirement.
Know the energy consumption.
You can plan.

Each district heating network has its own characteristics: physical features, influence of meteorological variables, unavailable exit values and much more. On the one hand, this influences the economic operation of e.g. CHP plants as well as the profitable sale of electricity or flexibility on the market.

Reliable, fully automatic forecasting gives you a precise outlook on the heat demand of district heating networks and thus on the optimal operation of production plants. This enables you to withstand the existing cost pressure on the market, because you no longer need to spend a lot of time making precise forecasts and your employees can devote themselves to strategic tasks. For you, this means reliable planning as well as an optimal alignment of your portfolio.

Isn't that a nice view?

The advan­tage
in Detail

ifesca.AVIA® creates planning security through a very high forecast quality.
ifesca.AIVA® enables the automatic retrieval and use of the selected temperature location (forecast and measured values).
ifesca.AIVA® produces energy demand forecasts in the shortest possible time using exogenous influencing factors.
ifesca.AIVA® offers quality control through intelligent forecast management and comprehensive monitoring.

Who else can benefit from ifesca.AIVA®?

Digital energy management powerful, efficient, automated - this potentially benefits every company that deals with large amounts of data and draws conclusions from this big data pool. Three application cases are outlined here as examples.

Create accurate forecasts every quarter hour (electricity) or every hour (gas).
Guarantee secure network supply through physical network forecasts.
Suppliers & Distributors Get accurate forecasts in two minutes, not hours!

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