What if you could identify critical network conditions in advance?
You could forecast the network's requirements very precisely in the shortest possible time and then build network simulations with the highest precision. This is exactly what ifesca.AIVA® can do.

Secure network supply through physical network forecasts

Network complexity is constantly increasing. The stability of a network depends on a wide variety of actors, factors and variables, which are dynamically interdependent. This includes a steadily growing number of decentralized feeders, consumers and prosumers. A constant fine-grained examination of a network down to individual measuring points is becoming more and more necessary to ensure network security. The amount of data places new demands on forecasting tools. Autonomous forecasting is not possible without the use of self-learning artificial intelligence. ifesca.AIVA® provides the answer to this question both quantitatively and qualitatively.

The forecasts created using ifesca.AIVA® provide the basis for further consideration of local networks. Simulation calculations regarding entry and exit situations or overload situations can be created quickly, reliably and easily based on these forecasts.

We can also demonstrate AIVA live to you personally.

Network security is the top priority.

And this is how you ensure the supply:
Faster and better network load forecasts and network loss forecasts as the basis for network simulations. ifesca.AIVA® -
Ready for immediate use.
Forecast individual network node points, identify critical consumers and evaluate separately. ifesca.AIVA® -
Fully automatic decision support system, in which the boundary conditions of network management are mapped. ifesca.AIVA® -
Processing Big Data.

The result: ifesca.AIVA® enables prognoses on future (critical) network conditions and the optimization of network management.

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We can also demonstrate AIVA live to you personally.

Let’s go into detail

ifesca.AIVA® determines the best forecast configuration for every application.
ifesca.AIVA® continuously learns from user input.
ifesca.AIVA® monitors the performance of all forecasts.
ifesca.AIVA® can be flexibly integrated into your system.
ifesca.AIVA® automatically adjusts a forecast if needed.
ifesca.AIVA® is adaptable and can be used for different applications.

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